A graduate student in Harvard University's public policy program, Adam Luck, stands next to the Oklahoma County Jail, 10-8-15.  (Mark Hancock)

County Jail Series: Leaders look to Texas for ways to improve criminal justice system

Editor’s note: This is the seventh and final installment of an ongoing series about Oklahoma County Jail, its development and history, ongoing structural issues and possible remedies. Visit for ongoing coverage and more of this story. Nearly anyone you ask who works in Oklahoma’s criminal justice system will tell you the state’s system needs have



Fried Frog Legs and dipping sauce at C'Est Si Bon, Cajun Catfish and PO-Boys in MWC, 1-5-2015.  (Mark Hancock)

Gazedibles: American dream

Black restaurateurs have worked hard to realize their dreams and bring a wide range of interesting flavors to OKC.


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