Brian Posehn-Live In: Nerd Rage


Most would only recognize the gawky Brian Posehn from his work on TV’s “Just Shoot Me,” a fact the comedian readily acknowledges. Lumping him in with other sitcom schlubs does his sly, patiently observational humor a disservice, particularly when you consider his membership in the cracked fraternity of “Mr. Show” and “The Comedians of Comedy.”
Functioning like a geekier, less cerebral Steven Wright’ if Seinfeld overdosed on “Justice League of America” and Slayer, he’d be a dead stylistic ringer for Posehn’ relating tales of sexually adventurous puppies, nerd hierarchies and the finer points of porn, Posehn’s comedy often feels like sharing a conversation with a slightly goofy neighbor, albeit one who’s a hardcore comic/heavy metal fan.
Solidly amusing, “Live In: Nerd Rage” also features a cameo from fellow “Mr. Show” alum Bob Odenkirk, who helps resurrect accident-prone headbangers Titannica for “Try Again, Again,” helping bring down the curtain on Posehn’s breakout debut.
– Preston Jones


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