Heartless Bastards-All This Time

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I never thought I’d give a favorable review to an album with a little girl and pretty dragonflies on the cover, but I am. The Ohio-based Heartless Bastards shocked and awed last year with their debut, “Stairs and Elevators,” one of the best albums of 2005.
Lead singer and guitarist Erika Wennerstrom breaks through with a voice that brings together the best blues and punk vocalists. The band’s sound follows suit, yet is all its own. The musicians have a flair for the dramatic, for pure emotion, for simple songs that come together to form’ dare I say’ albums of epic proportions; their new one, “All This Time,” has a particularly Zeppelin-esque feel.
I don’t know if this band is “indie” (since I don’t really know what that means). But if this is indie, then every now and then, indie is good. Because this is incredible stuff. Highly recommended. 
-Dave Bond

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