Sean Lennon-Friendly Fire


I’d imagine being of Beatles stock is both a blessing and a burden’ on one hand, you’ve got an impeccable pedigree; on the other, there’s not much margin for error, which would explain why John Lennon’s sons have stepped cautiously into creative arenas.
Sean Lennon, whose debut record, “Into the Sun,” dropped way back in 1998, took his time with “Friendly Fire,” a sophomore disc rife with maddeningly obtuse pop’ clocking in at 37 minutes, it seems over before it’s begun. A forlorn song cycle about a relationship’s gradual implosion, “Friendly Fire” masks the pain with Jon Brion’s quirky production, lending tracks like “Parachute” a beautiful, luminous quality.
One track in particular’ “Wait for Me”‘ sounds, melodically, eerily like “I’m Only Sleeping,” strongly evoking ghosts of the past and playing into the theory that Sean’s pop remains nigh untouchable when it comes to singing about the agonies and ecstasies of love. Try though the son might, the father prevails. 
– Preston Jones

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