Dirty Pretty Things-Waterloo to Anywhere


Trying to put the looming legacy of the Libertines’ and former bandmate/rock star cliché Pete Doherty’ behind him, Carl Barat formed Dirty Pretty Things; “Waterloo to Anywhere” is their first release, and it’s proof that Barat was underrated all along.

Though indie rock inspired by punk is quickly becoming yesterday’s shtick in Brit-rock, Dirty Pretty Things play on the sound’s strengths: hooks, momentum and attitude. Indeed, the 11 tracks on the album possess a frayed charm’ jagged edges point in every direction, the drums often fall behind the beat and Barat’s baritone sounds bored at times. It’s intentionally sloppy rock, the kind that burrows into your brain as you shake your head in unison.

“Waterloo to Anywhere” doesn’t deliver anything new or particularly different’ the band clearly likes its Jam and Clash’ but it’s an infectious collection of songs. For now, Barat has delivered a solid album, which puts him well ahead of Doherty’s post-Libertines efforts.
– Michael Franco

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