Superman: Ultimate Collector’s Edition



You will believe a DVD set can fly. With an astounding 14 discs overflowing with extras, Warner’s “Superman: Ultimate Collector’s Edition” is a worth-every-penny anthology.
What’s on it? For starters, the indisputable classic “Superman: The Movie,” the almost-equal “Superman II,” the inferior but fun “Superman III,” the cheese-tastic disaster “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace” and Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns” relaunch, whose rep I suspect will grow deservedly over time.
The bonus discs house huge bonuses: The lost “Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut” finally surfaces after years of fan speculation, George Reeves flies high in the 1951 feature “Superman and the Mole-Men” and the entire franchise is showcased in the two-hour “Look, Up in the Sky!” documentary.
Add on all of the vintage Fleischer cartoons (never looking better) and even more features than we have room to list, and you have a set that truly earns its “Ultimate” title.

““Rod Lott


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