Touting themselves as celebrities, duo visiting OKC issues press release

Not being Us Weekly, CFN normally eschews press releases from the famous. But really, “Celebrities Robbed at “¦ Oklahoma City Hotel” was too good to resist.


Because, according to the announcement, “celebrities” Ryan Blair and Kasie Head allegedly were robbed of cash and a diamond watch when they woke up in their OKC hotel room on Christmas Eve. Wait, who?


A quick Internet search filled us in: Blair is an entrepreneur who excels at creating Internet startups and having curly hair; Head is a model on NBC’s hit game show “Deal or No Deal.” They’ll have to forgive us for not recognizing them, as CFN purposely avoids MySpace knockoffs and anything with Howie Mandel.


CFN appreciates the press release’s choice quotes (Head on the thieves leaving a stack of presents untouched: “At least this Grinch didn’t completely ruin Christmas!”). However, when Amazon left our “Planet of the Apes” DVD out of our order, did we get our public relations people on the horn to issue an all points bulletin?

Gazette staff

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