Ghostface Killah-More Fish

Def Jam

Scattered Wu-Tang Clan projects are better than none at all. Ghostface Killah’s “Fishscale” was one of 2006’s more accomplished rap records, competing perhaps only with Rhymefest’s “Blue Collar” for the crown of year’s best. Squeaking in at the end of the year, “More Fish” continues the bracing brilliance of “Fishscale,” a paranoid, poetic glimpse of street life given vivid backdrops by the likes of MF Doom, Madlib and Hi-Tek.
Where so many rap sequels diminish what’s preceded them, “More Fish” is that rare second helping that doesn’t suck. Loopy, fluid and full of off-center moments (“Pokerface” is one notable highlight, as is the plaintive “Josephine”), Ghostface’s soulful, smooth flow is augmented by guest shots from Trife Da God, Cappadonna, Shawn Wiggs and Ghost’s 17-year-old son, Sun God, all of whom lend plenty of verbal color.
A sumptuous fillet of freaky, funky and freewheeling hip-hop, “More Fish” scales heights that most rappers only dream about. 
– Preston Jones


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