Remington Park aids nearby OKC school with funds

hers. “Emily Jerman 
” 1994 ““ Griffin joins Millwood, amidst Remington’s tax devaluation.
” 2004-2005 ““ Devaluation continued in the racing business.
” 2004 ““ State voters approve electronic gaming, allowing Remington to became a racing casino.
” 2006 ““ Remington feeds about $270,500 of property taxes into the district.
” 2004-2019 ““ Remington will donate $25,000 annually to Millwood, as long as Magna Entertainment Corp. owns the park.
” 2005-2010 ““ Remington will donate $50,000, $75,000 or $100,000 annually, depending on gross revenues from electronic gaming.

Emily Jerman

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