OKC DJ offers live lunchtime mixes on radio

DJ Switch has spun his way out of the club and onto the radio with Friday afternoon’s “Beats for Lunch” program on KVSP-FM 103.5.
Program director for Perry Broadcasting Terry Monday said Switch’s weekly show is an outlet for local unsigned talent and gives airtime to good mixes.
Tired of the same old scene, Monday thought that DJ Switch was exactly what his station needed.
“Younger kids don’t know classic hip-hop,” Monday said. “Switch’s skills blew me away.”
Switch said this is not your ordinary Oklahoma radio show, but a blend of good, funky hip-hop, mixed together live on air, with only two turntables and nothing but vinyl.
“This one guy wanted to take me to lunch after hearing me just once,” Switch said. “It’s amazing street cred after 30 minutes of show.”
“He goes from metal to Eighties New Wave, then to old-school funk, and then around to new-school hip-hop,” DJ Shorty-P said. “The first show he spun, I stayed in my car and ate my lunch to listen to the whole thing.”
Switch said that he just wants to play good music. 
“Just because it’s new doesn’t mean that it’s good,” he said. “You can show me your tits all you want, but I’m not gonna play ‘Gold Digger.”‘ “Joshua Michael Torres

Joshua Michael Torres

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