OKC recording studio owner says time, money make great music

Henry McMinn of Oklahoma City’s Audyssey Studios said the hardest thing about recording other people’s music is the people themselves.
“Everybody’s got the McDonald’s and Wal-Mart mentality: They want you to do it as fast as you can and have it sound as perfect as you can for the minimal amount of money,” he said. “The hardest lesson “¦ was dealing with those kinds of people (who) don’t want to spend any money, and they don’t want to really take the time it takes to get a good product.”
McMinn said many people don’t understand the recording and mixing process.
“You just don’t move a few faders and it sounds good; you got to go in and tweak things and add compression and different effects on the vocals and whatnot, and that takes time,” he said. 

Talent is a key element in every great recording.
“They kind of have to have an idea of what it is they’re wanting to do, not just ‘I want to be a rock star,'” he said. “It’s gotta be something they love doing.” ” Bryan Mangieri

Bryan Mangieri

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