Norman’s Medieval Fair will be missing wizard

Unfortunately, CFN has some sad news to report. The Kingdom of Ansteorra recently lost one of its best wizards.

Richard David Tucker, 53, died Feb. 17, according to an obituary scroll published by the scribes at The Oklahoman.


For the last 20 years, some have known Tucker as Charly Swordsmith and Rolling Thunder. A friend to Wolf Star, he is survived by his wife, Ulfska, also known as Sherrie Salinger, according to the report.


Tucker was an active member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a group that re-enacts and showcases the skills and historical arts of pre-17th century Europe.


The Kingdom of Ansterorra comprises most of what also is known as “Texas and Oklahoma,” and loyal subjects meet regularly for combat, crafts and corn dogs at parks across the land.


CFN readers usually meet SCA members of the Barony of Namron (or Norman, for the uninitiated) in springtime at the University of Oklahoma’s annual Medieval Fair.

Gazette staff

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