OU student radio station hits AM dial

University of Oklahoma student radio station, The WiRe, has officially hit the airwaves. Now broadcasting on 1710 AM, the WiRe has expanded its reach past the campus to much of Norman.
Program and Music Director John Cope said the station filed paperwork for an FM frequency, which didn’t work out.
“It was either get on AM now, or wait for an FM channel to open up,” Cope said. “We just thought it would be best to get going as soon as we could, and it sounds pretty good.
The station had previously been streaming over the Internet and through TV4OU’s secondary audio programming channel.  
The station has more than 20 DJs who play music six to eight hours a day live, Cope said, although music, sports and talk shows are broadcast 24/7.
The AM signal reaches most of Norman, Cope said, but the station is hoping to add transmitters in the future to boost coverage.
“We have more people listening now, so this is a lot better,” he said. “This will allow so many more people to hear.” “Joe Wertz

Joe Wertz

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