Black Christmas 2006

Yet another horror remake, “Black Christmas” turned out to be a lump of coal at the holiday box office this winter. Granted, releasing a slasher film during the season celebrating the birth of Christ may not be the wisest move, but “Black Christmas” isn’t sacrilegious. Nor bad at all.

As it turns out, it’s more clever than it had a right to be. Perhaps realizing he could never top Bob Clark’s trailblazing 1974 original, writer/director Glen Morgan (“Willard”) jettisons what made that film so genius: It never really showed the killer.

Morgan not only shows you the killer, but gives you two: twisted siblings who have “come home” for Christmas to the dysfunctional dwelling in which they were raised, now housing a college sorority. Among the sisters just waiting to have their pins pulled forever are Mary Elizabeth Winstead (“Grindhouse”) and newcomer Katie Cassidy.

With producing partner James Wong, Morgan brings the same sick-humored style they slathered over their “Final Destination” franchise. If you ate that up, this is a tin of fudge. Yum.

Extras include three underwhelming alternate endings and revealing behind-the-scenes footage with a wry Morgan. “”Rod Lott


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