Stuart Gordon’s 1985 cult smash “Re-Animator” has been released several times before on DVD, but I doubt it could get more definitive than this new two-disc set.


Even after two decades, the film’s groundbreaking mix of horror and humor still plays outlandish. Jeffrey Combs triumphs — and typecasts himself —” as Dr. Herbert West, the weirdo med student whose specially mixed syringes of glowing green goo can bring the dead back to life, always with disastrous results.


Commentaries, interviews, deleted scenes, trailers, commercials, stills, storyboards and more are included, but the real reason making this worth a blind-buy purchase is “Re-Animator Resurrectus,” a fascinating, feature-length documentary that covers the making of the film, from inception to legacy.


Gordon admits he didn’t know much about directing for film, secrets of the extremely gross gore effects are revealed and Barbara Crampton — aging quite nicely, thanks —” is frank about shooting the flick’s most talked-about scene. If you’ve seen the movie, you know the one. If not, let’s just say it’s the sickest visual pun in cinema history. —”Rod Lott

Rod Lott

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