Inland Empire

Reviewers’ grade: A

Part amateur art film and surreal nightmare, David Lynch’s “Inland Empire” is guaranteed to upset the most jaded of moviegoers. Lynch familiars Laura Dern and Justin Theroux are movie stars Nikki Grace and Devon Berk, who win roles in a movie to be directed by Kingsley Stewart (Jeremy Irons).


Problem is, the film has been attempted once before, with murderous results. Nikki finds her life starting to melt into that of the movie role, and things only get stranger.


Jagged filming and editing and bizarre, plotless sequences make watching “Inland Empire” quite upsetting. Characters from Lynch’s Internet-only series “Rabbits” are included in the film, which pushes it into the outermost reaches of the creeposphere. It’s a little masochistic to endure this movie, but it’s never boring and definitely unlike anything ever made.


Head to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art’s Noble Theater this weekend and see what the multiplexes are missing. R

 “”Joe Wertz  


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