The Invisible

Reviewers’ grade: D

“The Invisible” presents a gang of unappealing characters in an unbelievable situation. While the same might be said of Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed,” don’t confuse the two. David S. Goyer’s film follows the “Ghost”-ly antics of a teenager as he tries desperately to save his own life by getting those responsible for his brutal beating to lead rescuers to his slowly dying body.


The only actor of note in the film is Marcia Gay Harden, who delivers a slowly dying performance. Box Office Mojo reported that the box office for the April 27 weekend “” this film’s first time at bat “” took in a total of $78 million, the lowest since September and 23 percent below last year at the same time.


The B.O. stinks, perhaps, because the films do. As we wait for Spidey the Third to reverse the trend this weekend, here’s what to expect should you choose to ignore my warning and see “The Invisible”: not much. PG-13


 “”Kathryn Jenson White


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