OKC would-be shoplifters looking to practice good dental hygeine

Oklahoma City police are on the lookout for two shoplifters who recently exited the Family Dollar at 3907 N. MacArthur, leaving some almost absconded items “¦ and one well-aimed punch to the face of a pregnant woman in their wake.


As reported on KWTV Channel 9, surveillance tape shows a man and woman trying to leave the store, but being stopped by a manager. She is shoved. Her pregnant daughter approaches to help, and is rewarded with a knuckle sandwich by the male “shopper.”


According to police, all this was over a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush, both of which were dropped by the couple upon fleeing the scene.


As much as Chicken-Fried News hates to see expectant mothers being pushed around, we at least hope the brand of toothpaste chosen by the pugilist was something ironic, like Aim or Arm & Hammer.


And here’s hoping the victim of that punch isn’t having to use Sensodyne.

Gazette staff

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