Going green part of mayor’s roundtable

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett hosted a roundtable discussion Monday at the CoxBusinessServicesConvention Center, bringing together public and private sector entities to discuss OKC’s future development.


Topics discussed ranged from economic opportunities through public transportation to developing the city in a more environmentally friendly way.


Former Indianapolis mayor William Hudnut warned against sprawling urban development and the costs in energy and time associated with a scattered city. According to Hudnut, one way to remedy this is to integrate “green” infrastructure in the development of Oklahoma City.


“Green is not red, nor is it blue,” he said. “Green, I think, is red, white and blue.”



Other discussed ways to strengthen the city included:

” Compact development,

” Transit-oriented development and

” Changing the face of retail.


Guest speakers Marilee Utter and Fred Kent discussed creating multi-use places where people can enjoy themselves, ideally built in areas around mass-transit routes.


“If you design your city around people, you’ll get more people,” Kent said.


Robert Gibbs, the final guest speaker, also recommended ways on how to get more retail business into the downtown area.


The roundtable ended with Cornett highlighting steps Oklahoma City has already begun to take towards a greener city. He outlined his “Core to Shore” plan for downtown, as well as several energy-efficient structures already being built.  “C.J. Macklin


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