City council member plans to run for open county seat

Oklahoma City council member Ann Simank announced today she is planning to run for Jim Roth’s soon-to-be-open county commissioner’s seat. Gov. Brad Henry announced May 14 Roth will serve as the state’s next corporation commissioner.


A council member since 1995, Ward 6’s Simank says the nonpartisan climate of the city council has helped Oklahoma City grow and move forward.


“Local government is fascinating because it’s close to the people,” Simank said. “Jim Roth was part of the movement forward for (Oklahoma) County. His approach in District 1 is what I want to continue.”


Simank’s focus would be on how county government can be progressive and build cooperative and collaborative relationships. With Oklahoma County being the county for the state’s capital city as well as the state’s largest city, avoiding duplication of services to optimize efficiency is a prevailing concern for her.

Stefanie Brickman

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