Reviewer’s grade: B+

A quirky cross between Jennifer Aniston’s “The Good Girl” and Renée Zellweger’s “Nurse Betty,” “Waitress” tells the story of working-class wife Keri Russell in an unhappy marriage. Featuring relatable themes and recognizable characters, the independent film’s strong cast and solid performances are a recipe for an enjoyable cinematic experience.


Russell leads the cast as a pie-creating diner waitress with supporting performances by Cheryl Hines; the film’s writer/director Adrienne Shelley; Jenna’s “bad” husband Jeremy Sisto; town obstetrician Nathan Fillion; and diner owner Andy Griffith. The pies Jenna creates are Russell’s co-star; as a by-product of her plight, Jenna prepares them with ingredient combinations that match her mood, but also serve a source of both self-expression and self-esteem. 


The indie film’s pacing is steady, the theme – although somewhat predictable – is enjoyable. PG-13


– Stefanie Brickman  



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