Countrybilly’ band Two Tons of Steel drops into Oklahoma

For 11 years, San Antonio-based Two Tons of Steel has held down the fort at the legendary, un-air-conditioned Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, Texas, for its annual Tuesday-night summer concert series, averaging 12,000 fans each year.

Yet despite trips to Europe and Cuba, they’ve never played in Oklahoma. “We go east and south, but we don’t go north,” joked singer Kevin Geil, but added Okies shouldn’t take the neglect as a slight. “There’s no particular reason other than we didn’t look. We were so busy in Texas. In the past, we didn’t have a label, we didn’t have a publicist. We needed to get all of the pieces in place before we could really get out there.”

While the band has become more organized, some things haven’t changed.

“We drive ourselves the whole way,” he said.

Though Geil writes most of the band’s repertoire, there are always a few oddball covers strewn about, including some Bruce Springsteen, Bo Diddley and even a two-step version of “I Wanna Be Sedated” by The Ramones. Geil encouraged Oklahomans unfamiliar with the band to take the $6 risk.

“They’re good shows. Everybody says that, but ours are really fun,” he said. “It’s a high-energy deal ” no ballad shit. Come watch pretty girls dance. Come watch someone get thrown up into the ceiling fan.” “Tory Troutman

Tory Troutman

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