Eco-friendly bus to visit OKC temple

Eight musicians, artists and activists are combining their love of music with their love of the environment.


In an effort to educate the masses on going green, this group ” dubbed the “Chillaroo Crew” ” has created a vegetable oil- and solar-powered school bus, called the “Moishe Mobile.”


The bus will stop at five cities en route to Tennessee’s Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, June 14-17. On June 12, the bus will visit Oklahoma City, at CampChaverim at Temple B’naiIsrael, 4901 N. Penn.



At each location, the crew will set up an interactive camp full of activities including:

” kids games,

” sustainability and self-growth workshops,

” drum circles,

” an organic food expo, and

” yoga and tai chi.


“Each member (of the crew) is responsible to bring their talents on the bus and use them creatively along the way,” said Levi Felix, “Captain” of the Moishe Mobile. “We’ve got much to learn, and much to teach.”


The crew is asking for donations of vegetable oil to run their green machine. For more information, visit . “CJ Macklin

C.J. Macklin

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