DOA: Dead or Alive

Reviewer’s grade: C+


Jaime Pressly leads a horde of slinky babes who participate in an elite kung-fu tournament in Asian director Corey Yuen’s oft-delayed “DOA: Dead or Alive,” a guilty pleasure from the producers of “Resident Evil” and “House of the Dead.”


Amidst all the scuffles, there’s a recurring bit “” it really can’t be termed a subplot “” in which Pressly’s he-man father keeps catching her in situations that make him think she’s a lesbian. The brainless but harmless action-comedy is based on a series of video games, so things like “story” and “words” matter little to eye-popping visuals. In that soft-core spirit: Clang! Swoosh! Kick! Oof! Splash! Hit! Spike! Bounce! Boing! Eh. PG-13


“”Rod Lott  


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