Oklahoma State reveals Rudy’s contract demands

As Rudolph Giuliani’s presidential campaign heats up, so does Chicken-Fried News’ irritation at the former New York City mayor’s contract rider. Thanks to OklahomaStateUniversity ” where he spoke in March 2006 ” it’s up for the world to see.


Giuliani won lots of fans nationwide for his handling of Big Apple matters following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, but one has to wonder how “in touch” with the average American a guy who banks $100,000 per speaking engagement can be.


That six-figure amount is what he gets for one-hour appearances. Most of us would be pleased with that kind of take-home pay, but according to his contract, he also insists on traveling in a Gulfstream IV jet. A Gulfstream III won’t do; he’s gotta have the one that costs roughly $30 million. (And, therefore, $47,000 in fuel ” no wonder college tuition is so expensive!)


Also required per his five-page contract:

five hotel rooms; no flash bulbs in photographers’ cameras; no candid photos; and no general members of the press allowed.


What, Rudy, no removal of the brown M&M’s?

Gazette staff

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