William Hung goes from ‘Idol’ laughingstock to Billboard chart-topper

After eliciting laughter from the judges of “American Idol”‘s 2004 season with his off-key and off-kilter rendition of Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” during initial auditions for the show’s third season, it would seem that William Hung dream to be a singer should have died.

Not so.

“I try to convey a positive, optimistic image,” Hung said. “No matter what happens, if you keep trying, you can eventually succeed.”

His optimism endured and after what to many other people would have been a humiliating appearance on the show, he became a cult celebrity, the epitome of lack of vocal prowess behind a microphone, and some would say the epitome of lack of talent.

Nevertheless, his life was changed by “American Idol,” the Californian denizen said.

“It’s been a huge change. I get recognized everywhere, wherever I go. I get to meet a lot of famous people,” Hung said.

A Billboard No. 1 album later, Hung attributed his success to his “attitude toward life and everything in general.” His inspiration, he said, comes from people.

“I just get inspired by other people who are successful before me,” he said. “My inspiration comes from my parents, friends, teachers and many other people. Too many to name.”

He said he hopes to save money for the future so that he can buy a house.

“I think if I’m determined with whatever I do, I can achieve my goals,” he said. “Bryan Mangieri

Bryan Mangieri

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