The Highwaymen #1

Marc Bernardin, Adam Freeman and Lee Garbett



WildStorm looks to have a winner on its hands with “The Highwaymen,” a new miniseries whose first issue is an action-packed mix of spy thrills and political espionage. Although the plot is not yet fully fleshed-out, here’s what we do know: In the 2020s, a leggy female spy unwittingly has triggered a security protocol that forces two former military hotshots out of retirement.


One of them is a three-piece-suited CEO, while the other is a bus driver. But both are able to revive their classified-mission skills when a message from the long-dead President Clinton spurs them into action, and assassins are on their tail.


The issue’s big action sequence roars ahead like a more compact version of the film “Speed,” which bodes well for the four issues to come. And how refreshing is it to see two near-Medicare-eligibles as gun-totin’ bad-asses? “”Rod Lott


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