Zoo Amphitheatre on upswing with diversified lineup

The Zoo Amphitheatre is seeing its best days since the PM Group took over operations six years ago.
“We really revamped the amphitheater so it looks good, feels good, sounds good, so people want to come to it,” said Howard Pollack, a senior partner with the PM Group.

Howard said it’s long been an underutilized location, but is quickly living up to its potential.

“In the past six years since we’ve come here, we’ve had more shows than the rest of the entire history of the zoo,” Pollack said. “We refocused the facility. We put in a VIP section in front of the stage, separated from the rest of the audience, for people who want to sit and see the show. You also have access to a VIP deck which has plasma screens, air conditioning, gourmet food bars, private bar service.”

Traditionally, the venue has hosted a lot of classic-rock shows, but is testing the youth market and getting rewarded with sell-out crowds.

“Me being a classic-rock person, I always had success with those shows at the Zoo Amphitheatre,” Pollack said. “But I’ve come to find that if I analyze my success in the past, the reason I had success with shows was because I was a kid while I was promoting the shows.”

Now they are courting artists like:
” Snow Patrol,
” Korn,
” Godsmack and
” The Flaming Lips. “Charles Martin

Charles Martin

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