How to Survive a Horror Movie

Seth Grahame-Smith
Quirk Books

Need “all the skills to dodge the kills”? Look no further than this humorous how-to, purposely severed-tongue-in-cheek, presented as if its reader actually were a stereotype trapped in a horror film “” from the “Slutty Goth Chick” to the “Black Guy Who Buys It 20 Minutes In.”

Harassing a hobo or screwing around with a Ouija board (not to mention just plain screwing around) is a surefire way to set yourself up for death, so Grahame-Smith offers outs for each situation, whether you’re merely a baby sitter, your corn has children in it, there are snakes on your plane or American Indians show up at your house asking, “Hey, where’s our graveyard?”

This type of book has been done before, but perhaps not with as many good lines (“Are there any Japanese children in your bathroom?”) and certainly not with a foreword by Wes Craven, lending this legitimacy.

“”Rod Lott


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