The Film Crew: Killers from Space


For their second go-round of B-movie skewering, the “Mystery Science Theater 3000″ alum comprising The Film Crew tackle 1954’s science-fiction cheapie “Killers from Space.”


After a host opening that’s funnier than their initial one (on “Hollywood After Dark”), the boys don headphones and mics to provide hilarious commentary to this awful, awful, awful film. Star Peter Graves bears the brunt of their barbs, being called “duller than white gravy” and having the “comic touch of Charles Bronson.”


But don’t think the movie itself gets off easy. No, with its foot-dragging plot, rear-projection monsters, ever-smoking actors and aliens with ping-pong balls for eyes, “Killers from Space” is deemed “more like ‘Killers of Time.'”


For a post-flick bonus, Kevin Murphy hosts a nifty interactive feature that allows you to choose what additional inane dialogue can be fed into the mouths of one alien invader from the film. Given that “Killers from Space” is a film in the public domain, one would suppose the original could have been tacked on as an extra. But who could stand to watch it without The Film Crew’s spoonful-of-sugar lampoon treatment? Really, wouldn’t that be like opting for surgery with anesthetic?


With so many bad movies out there, here’s hoping The Film Crew has a long employment ahead.


“”Rod Lott


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