Daddy Day Camp


Reviewer’s grade: F


If you and/or your children found anything to amuse in 2003’s “Daddy Day Care,” you might hope to find at least equal small pleasure in Fred Savage’s “Daddy Day Camp.” You will be grossly disappointed if you have that hope and act on it.


Featuring the bad acting of Cuba Gooding Jr. and a slate of lesser adult names, the sequel sinks even lower than the first film in its cynical attempt to win children over through bathroom humor and stupid stereotypes. No need to give these characters names “” just call them Bed-Wetter, Nerd, Smart Girl, Beautiful Girl, Runt, Mullet-Wearing Hick, etc. and be done with it.


Instead of taking your children to see this film, buy them each a 20-ounce Dr Pepper, a package of Twinkies, a sack of pork rinds and a Snickers bar. You will be making a better investment in their total health. PG


“”Kathryn Jenson White 


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