Meat Puppets has seen its share of demons

As the Meat Puppets, brothers Curt and Cris Kirkwood are back on tour in support of their new album, “Rise to Your Knees.” They will unleash their brand of alternative psychedelia Saturday at the Bricktown Ballroom.

Like any band that’s been together for decades, the Meat Puppets have dealt with inner demons and an ever-changing lineup.

Cris Kirkwood become addicted to heroin, was arrested in 2003 for attacking a security guard and had to spend more than a year in prison. He went to rehab, and mutual friends told Curt that his brother was getting better.

After not touring or making music together since 1995, with everyone healthy, the brothers decided to reunite.

“Cris and I have a special chemistry for sure. We share the same DNA,” Curt Kirkwood said. “I could do a Meat Puppets album by myself and was fixing to do it, but then Cris was into coming back.”

When the time came to record the new album, he decided to do so for a label that didn’t intervene with the process.

“I wanted to do a Meat Puppets record like we did in the Eighties,” he said. “Then, they never said, ‘We’re looking for this’ and ‘What are you guys doing?'” “Heather Caliendo

Heather Caliendo

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