The Invasion

Reviewer’s grade: D+


When this updated version of the 1956 “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” finished shooting, the studio was shocked to find out it had a claustrophobic paranoid thriller on its hands when it wanted car crashes and lots of escaping body fluids. A new production team was called in for rewrites and reshoots, and the results are every bit the mess you’d expect them to be.


Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig star as a pair of doctors trying to rescue Kidman’s son from his infected biological father. Seems that a crashed space shuttle has brought to Earth an alien life form that invades the body and turns individuals into passively obedient units of one soulless entity.


You know, like Republicans. (My thanks to Bob Hope for that joke.) You won’t lose interest while watching the movie, if that’s your poison, mainly because you’ll be wondering what bit of senselessness will pop up next. What wasted potential this one is. PG-13 


“”Doug Bentin 


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