High school football keeps ’em coming back

In today’s world of big-business college football, there remains a certain measure of innocence and purity at the high school level that help define its unwavering popularity. It is witnessed every autumn Friday night by millions of people who lock up their homes and shut down their businesses in time to make the opening kickoff.

Prep football is a good, inexpensive way to entertain the entire family. But it’s so much more on so many different levels.

It’s the sportsmanship, the atmosphere, the spirit, the bands. It’s the battle for bragging rights between two neighboring schools or rival townships.

Flip on the Friday-night lights and watch people unite behind a solitary cause based on pride, shared roots and a sense of history and community.

One of the things that makes watching an overachieving 5-foot-8, 165-pound linebacker jack up an opposing running back is reality. This kid knows there is going to be no ticker-tape parade the next day, no flurry of calls from some college recruiter ” and still he is willing to wholeheartedly invest his blood, sweat and tears for the cause.

Nothing is more noble in the sporting arena. “Jay C. Upchurch

Jay C. Upchurch

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