Oklahoma County Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extensive Service sends out wasp warning

Just when we stopped worrying about giant octopuses “¦


On CFN’s list of reasons not to go outside: 1. the sweltering heat, 2. the sweltering heat, 3. the sweltering heat. And now, 4. giant wasps!


Warns Samantha Snyder, horticulture educator at the Oklahoma County Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extensive Service, giant wasps are causing a buzz around town.


“If you have ever encountered one, you would likely not forget it,” Snyder said, in a press release. “They are intimidating because of their large size, sometimes measuring (one and five-eighths) of an inch. The black and yellow stripes are striking and lead many people to believe that it is a large hornet buzzing around them.”


She noted that only the females sting, whereas the males simply buzz aggressively. Being out of baking soda (and pipe cleaners), we’re not taking any chances.

Gazette staff

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