VHS or Beta – Bring on the Comets



It’s rare to slide an album into your CD player and immediately know you are going to love it.


VHS or Beta hails from Louisville, Ky., and writes and performs danceable rock-punk tunes that are easily likable and hummable. Many of the songs have just enough keyboards and synthesizer effects to appeal to those who love Eighties electronic music or current European club songs.


“Bring on the Comets” which hits shelves this week, is actually better than the band’s 2004 “Night on Fire” album, which helped the group secure a tour in 2005 with Eighties synth-dance legends Duran Duran.


“Love in My Pocket” is a wonderful, guitar-driven rock song with intertwined vocals and a steady dance beat. By contrast, “Take It or Leave It” is more atmospheric and electronic.


But the title song easily carries the record. Honest and a little sad, yet triumphant with diving guitar bends, stop-and-hold guitar grabs and drum blasts, the song pours into a giant, anthemic sing-along chorus.


Bring home “Bring on the Comets” today.


“”Joe Wertz

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