OKC Bricktown bars present reading and spelling challenge

CFN intern Bucky loves to live it up out on the town. The guy is loyal, but he’s not all that intelligent. We’ve recommended a number of Bricktown bars at which he could get his drink on, but he claims he never can find them. We finally figured out why: Their names are misspelled.


We sent him to the new Rok Bar; he looked forever for “Rock Bar” before giving up and settling for a Miller Light at The Spaghetti Warehouse. When we pointed out the error of his ways, he admitted he did see a sign for Rok Bar, but assumed it was the office of a personal trainer.


It was the latest mishap in a string of failed forays for him to exercise his alcohol-consuming tendencies ” one which began with LiT and Skkybar and moved its way to Drinkz and Rane.

Gazette staff

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