Wheel of Darkness’ author Douglas Preston visits Norman

A funny thing happened on Douglas Preston’s way to his Oklahoma City book signing last summer: He missed his flight.

In July 2006, the New York Times best-selling author was promoting “The Book of the Dead,” his then-new thriller with writing partner Lincoln Child (visit their site), and had his first-ever Oklahoma City event scheduled at Full Circle Bookstore. The crowds turned out, even if Preston didn’t.

“Flying is such a hassle nowadays,” he said. 

Luckily ” especially for the couple that had crossed several state lines just to meet the author ” Preston finally arrived. Full Circle kept the store open for him and the 30 or so people fervent enough to hang around.

“It was a great signing,” he said. “Thirty is good, especially since I was two hours late.”

This year, Preston took no chances. In the midst of promoting his and Child’s latest effort, “The Wheel of Darkness,” he flew in the night before his Sept. 11 signing at Hastings in Norman. And, spending the extra time in town was fine by him.

“I like the West. I like coming down here,” Preston said. “Three states where we’re really big are Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado. For some reason, people here really love the books. I’m not sure why. So, Oklahoma City is a much more sophisticated place than maybe the coasts would give it credit for.” “Rod Lott

Rod Lott

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