Flickipedia: Perfect Films for Every Occasion, Holiday, Mood, Ordeal, and Whim – Michael Atkinson and Laurel Shifrin

Chicago Review Press

Netflix and Amazon recommendation lists aren’t mind-readers, but computer-generated doodads that more often miss the mark when trying to pimp more movies your way. Michael Atkinson and Laurel Shifrin have put a little more thought into it with “Flickipedia,” which suggests film rentals not according to director or genre, but the mood you’re in or for the most obscure of holidays.

For example, going through a divorce? Try Alfred Hitchcock’s “Dial M for Murder” or David Lynch’s “Lost Highway,” just two of nearly 30 offerings to help get your mind off a likely unhappy situation.

Celebrating the Chinese New Year? Rent “Zu: Warriors of the Magic Mountain.” Just hitched? “So I Married an Axe Murderer.” On a business trip? “Lost in Translation.”

You get the picture(s). Easily organized and briskly written, “Flickipedia” is one for any indecisive cineaste’s bookshelf.

“”Rod Lott


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