The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection: Volume 12

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Four more episodes from the long-running “Mystery Science Theater 3000″ television series make their way to another beloved box set. Some are from the early years, some from the later years, but all are great. And here’s the formula: bad movies + acid-tongued robot hosts = comedy gold.


“The Rebel Set” “” incidentally, the second “MST3K” episodes these eyes ever saw “” opens the set. It’s a beatnik crime flick from 1959, so our hosts pleasurably rip away at the dated fashions and lingo-heavy dialogue, ya dig? Funnier, however, is the educational short preceding it, “Johnny at the Fair,” in which a young kid explores the fairgrounds sans parents. 


The Italian crime caper “Secret Agent Super Dragon” is a swinging Sixties spy cheapie, so the lousy dubbing is good for many laughs even without the well-aimed barbs of the “MST” gang. The staid Air Force drama “The Starfighters” comprises disc three; it’d be unwatchable without our ground crew poking much fun at every minute.


Finally, there’s “Parts: The Clonus Horror,” a 1979 no-budget sci-fi entry perhaps most notable for being ripped off by Michael Bay’s “The Island” without due credit. The movie is hysterical in our hosts’ hands, and in the extra features, its director cedes to being a good sport, admitting the joke about a post-coital crotch appearing to be on fire had him howling. Heck, who wouldn’t?


“”Rod Lott



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