Twin Peaks: Definitive Gold Box Edition



Even if you already own the two individual season sets of David Lynch’s groundbreaking TV series “Twin Peaks,” save the pennies to pony up for this edition as well. It’s the most complete and comprehensive, starting with the feature-length pilot, which had to be left off the first season set because of rights issues. It’s here in both its broadcast and international versions, the latter of which tied up the “Who killed Laura Palmer?” mystery, albeit with a solution different than the one that eventually unfolded.


Extras on this 10-disc set are plentiful, notably with an hour-and-a-half “Secrets from Another Place” documentary coveing the inception, birth, death and afterlife of this still-resonating cult hit. Many cast and crew members are interviewed, and they’re frank about the second-season slump. Lynch is absent, but co-creator Mark Frost tells what he would’ve done differently and where he would’ve taken the show had it been renewed.


Lynch is in full force, however, on a half-hour “A Slice of Lynch,” a conversation with stars Kyle MacLachlan and M


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