Multi-instrumentalist Brooks Chambers performing at open-invite wedding reception

Most audiences are lucky to receive a performance from an artist who can play one instrument well, but Brooks Chambers is a one-man band. And although he hails from Texas, there’s something about Oklahoma City that keeps him coming back.

When he first started touring this year, his main goal was to find markets that could serve as homes away from home.

Oklahoma City made the cut.

“It seems like the people there know good music, but they’re not so saturated with music that they’ve become jaded,” Chambers said. “In Austin, it’s so much harder to get people excited and singing along, because people are standing there with their arms crossed thinking about all the other artists in Austin who sell 60,000 records.”

Chambers released his first five-song EP in January. The tracks on “Long Story Short” include lyrics about love, fairy tales and the everyday stories of ordinary people.

“I’m very much inspired by the whimsy of the ordinary and married people loving each other and being excited about being married and living very normal happy lives,” he said.

It’s only appropriate that his next OKC show will be at his friend’s wedding reception Friday at LiT Lounge. But this show is not just for the friends and family of the bride and groom; everyone is invited.

“It’s so fun doing a show associated with a wedding,” Chambers said. “I feel like it gives me the leeway and leverage I need to wear my seersucker suit, which is always a spiritual experience for me.” “Lauren Parajon

Lauren Parajon

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