Pitbull – The Boatlift




Watch out! It’s the Pitbull’ the Cuban-American rapper with neither bark, bite nor any knack for songwriting.


“The Boatlift” is an insufferable, 18-track CD from the Miami hip-hop disaster. Tackling modern dilemmas like chicks on MySpace, Pitbull sinks his fangs into “Go Girl,” a song that features the always awful Trina, and contains thoughtful lyrics and clever rhyming and meter. Who knew “friends” could rhyme with “friends” and “weekend?”


Oh, buoy. “The Boatlift” is just awful and should be put to sea. It’s an obvious mash of every quasi-popular club style imaginable. Crunk, reggae, gangster rap’ Pitbull tries his voice on them all, and misses the mark on each.


“Ying & The Yang” continues Pitbull’s excellent rhyme fashion, as do tracks like “Candyman” and “Stripper Pole.” If you can guess at what that last one’s about, e-mail me, and I’ll send you the CD and pay for shipping. I’ll even include a handwritten list of better rap albums to listen to.


Pitbull makes K-Fed sound like Talib Kweli. 


“”Joe Wertz



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