Reviewer’s grade: C


Star/writer/director David Wall (who?) delivers yet another warm and sensitive movie about a man who has lost his faith, but recovers it on Christmas Eve. The man is Father John Keene, who has been sent by the church to Cape Cod to close down a parish that is, using Keene’s word, “unprofitable.”


There he meets a gallery of colorful but poorly acted characters, including a pregnant but unmarried woman (Kerry Brennan “” who?) who finds herself in a living nativity scene, cast as Mary. The priest in charge of the parish, Father Joyce (Sean Patrick Brennan “” who?) is on the verge of leaving the church to wed his pregnant parishioner, and the only person in town who appears to have any common sense runs the pub.


Will it all come out right? Who am I to spoil the ending? Overly sentimental, corny and one step up from the kind of Christmas pageant so many churches inflict on their congregations, the movie’s good intentions are just too little and too lightweight. PG


 “”Doug Bentin 


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