Eddie Sutton should have stayed retired

Three games. Three losses.

Not exactly what Eddie Sutton had in mind when he signed on as interim head coach for the San Francisco University men’s basketball program back in late December, admittedly to fulfill his goal of reaching 800 career wins. Had Sutton known just how bad his new team really is, he might have decided to stay retired.

Now, Sutton is stuck with a struggling team that has lost a total of six straight games. It may be a while before San Francisco finds a way to deliver those two precious victories to its legendary, but temporary coach.

Maybe Sutton should have asked himself whether or not it is worth coming back potentially to damage his own coaching reputation? Is it worth throwing himself and his family back into the potential firestorm he narrowly escaped less than two years ago?

Most people figured after Sutton missed the final 10 games of Oklahoma State University’s 2005-06 season due to a recurring bout with alcoholism, he would walk away from coaching for good. It seemed like the right time to call it a career.

While Sutton has repeatedly claimed the top priorities in his life are spending time with his wife and grandchildren, they obviously took a backseat in this instance. It’s difficult to spend much time with your grandchildren when you live 1,400 miles away.

Instead of chasing two more pointless victories, Sutton could be doing something much more meaningful, like high school student-athletes, telling his story and explaining the dangers of alcohol abuse.

That’s a goal worthy of his best effort. “Jay C. Upchurch

Jay C. Upchurch

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