Blade Runner: The Final Cut



Film studios are in the business of film-selling not filmmaking, and after 25 years, we finally get to see Ridley Scott’s original vision for the legendary future-noir detective epic “Blade Runner.”


The film is as beautiful as ever, defying almost every bad Eighties sci-fi trapping, and leaving audiences with even more of the dreamy, empty dystopia that made the original film so profound re-released without any of the studio edits added to dumb the work down for (supposed) impatient and unimaginative audiences.


Although a “director’s cut” of “Blade Runner” was released more than a decade ago, the studio still won over, and many of Ridley Scott’s scenes remained omitted and “trimmed.” Among the add-ins, Deckard (Harrison Ford), a detective dispatched to root out human-like robot “replicants” resisting their death, has a unicorn dream that gets extended “” a pivotal scene which entrenches the idea that Deckard himself is actually a replicant.

The effects footage of the original “Blade Runner” was retouched and rescanned at four times the resolution used during most film remastering, resulting in an even crisper, stunning portrayal of a dehumanizing future world.


“Blade Runner: The Final Cut” comes as a two-disc release with the new film print, extra footage, documentaries and great commentary.


“”Joe Wertz


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