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Finally, a modern jazz album I can actually stand listening to. Marco Benevento’s “Invisible Baby” is an infectious collection of noisy, glitchy electro-jazz that is both entertaining and ambient.


The disc’s third track, “Atari,” sounds like just that: a vintage gaming system gone berserk with weird sounds, pianos and bouncy drums egging on the circuit meltdown. “The Real Morning Party” is a delightful “Jetsons”-esque jam that dances along in fun retro fashion. Electronic bleeps and squeals mix with trashy drums and splashy cymbals to punctuate the silly synth melody.


Song six, “If You Keep on Asking Me,” is among the darker here, Benevento’s first studio album. Echoic, atmospheric and weird, this dour song with a dissonant, low melodic line, is hypnotic, dreamy and fantastic.


For jazz fans wanting something new’ or Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” fans wanting something better’ “Invisible Baby,” is a psychedelic and fun mash-up of genres, sounds and textures. Reed Mathis of Oklahoma’s Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, handles bass duties.


“”Joe Wertz

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