The Bucket List

Reviewer’s grade: D


There’s a reason theaters offer discounts to senior citizens: because they have to be enticed to come see movies that aren’t worth full price. I think older folks will turn out in droves for “The Bucket List,” expecting a feel-good warm fuzzy from two of America’s most beloved elder actors.


But I also think they’ll be terrified at what they see. Rather than reaffirm life, Rob Reiner’s sappy film degrades it, treating it like a series of sitcom routines before bludgeoning you over the head with its grim message of mortality. “Hope you laughed your butt off at that part where Morgan Freeman tried to run Jack Nicholson off the racetrack, because you’re gonna die with a bloody shunt protruding from your chest!” it screams (well, in so many words).


Co-starring a smug Sean Hayes (TV’s “Will & Grace”), it’s mainstream “adult” product at its most controlling. I’d almost rather die than watch it again. PG-13


“”Rod Lott 


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