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From the ashes of Gold Key Comics (Lord, how I miss them!), the primitive American Indian warrior Turok rises again in “Turok: Son of Stone,” his first animated feature-length film. Other than video games, the character has been moribund of late, so the return is welcome.


Even better, the movie’s actually good! Although it starts out with a joyous forest romp complete with butterflies, fear not “” this is no kids’ stuff, as a forearm is chopped off via tomahawk within a matter of seconds. Sorry, children, but the “graphic violence” on the cover is no joke, as the blood-spewing impalements make perfectly clear.


After being gone for 20 years, Turok comes home to find his family has been killed, so he leaves once more to avenge their deaths. Doing so isn’t that easy, of course, because there are obstacles along the way to contend with, including that which has always made Turok great: dinosaurs.


The animation is colorful and clean, and the voice work is terrific, including Adam Beach (“Flags of Our Fathers”) and Robert Knepper (TV’s “Prison Break”). But kudos to Tony Bedard’s script, which is positively loaded with action “” exactly what a Turok movie should be.


DVD extras are brief, but the 20-minute “Total Turok” documentary is a must, tracing the hero ‘s history from comics to screen. The talking heads have a real infinity for the character, which has translated into a flick that does him justice.


 “”Rod Lott


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