Hot Chip – Made in the Dark



Since 2006’s “The Warning,” electro pop-rockers Hot Chip have been a hit among Euro-savvy hipsters yearning for a synthesizer-infused tribute to Kraftwerk and club music from across the pond.


The English band’s newest album, “Made in the Dark,” slated for a Feb. 5 release stateside, is thick with growling synths, disco dance floor drums and largely nonsensical, repetitive vocals. “Ready for the Floor” is the album’s most fun and interesting song, although if you want to hear songs that sounds like a DJ’s club set, it and track nine, “Hold On,” are exactly that.


The cyclical and hypnotic novelty wears on the ears, however, and if you’re not actually dancing (or drinking or drugging) by the time the title cut comes on the stereo, the silliness can easily lose its appeal.


If you heed the advice of song 11, “Don’t Dance,” you will be impossibly bored and might find yourself logging onto Pitchfork’s Web site to leave angry comments beneath Hot Chip’s glowing cyber-worship. But if you can appreciate mindless fun, and have plenty of Stoli, ice, limes, and space in your living room, drink up and dance.


“”Joe Wertz


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